10 Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms You Might Not Know

Erectile dysfunction is a common male affliction, with up to 52% of all men over 40 years of age having some degree of dysfunction.

And while some symptoms of erectile dysfunction are obvious, a few changes may be more subtle or slowly build up over time giving you an early warning sign that something is off.

The following erectile dysfunction symptoms may be noticed alone and potentially brushed off, but if these symptoms happen often or are starting to affect your sex life, relationships, or self-esteem, it may be time to consult with a medical professional either in-person or through an online consultation.

10 Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms:

    1. Inability to maintain an erection
    2. Inability to get an erection
    3. Reduced interest in or desire for sex
    4. Softer erections
    5. Reductions in the thickness of erections
    6. Changes in the erection shape or angle
    7. Inability to have satisfactory sex
    8. Reduced penile sensitivity
    9. Achieving an erection taking longer than usual
    10. Infrequent or less rigid morning erections

When is it not Erectile Dysfunction?

Having a few scattered unsatisfactory performances is normal, and you could just be having an off day, but when erectile issues start happening regularly or persist for more than a month, you could be experiencing erectile dysfunction.

If you are reading this article worried after having only one bad night – you are likely in the clear, but keep an eye out for a pattern to see if this is a lingering issue.

Ask your partner about changes

If you are in a relationship where you feel comfortable speaking to your partner about your concerns, ask them if they have any different sensations or have noticed differences in your erections over time.

Your partner may be able to provide some insight into if there are trends in dysfunction or changes over time, and will likely be willing to help you work through it together.

When to speak with a doctor

Once you have identified that there is a pattern of dysfunction or you are feeling worried or distressed from your current functioning, it is time to consult with a medical professional.

Visiting with a doctor in-person or online will help you evaluate if you are a good candidate for treatment with ED medications to help you if your ED stems from a physical problem, or if it is a psychological issue that may be better handled through couples therapy.

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