5 Proven Addiction Treatment Programs for Drug Addicts

Not all addiction treatments are the same as the level of substance abuse decides what type of treatment or therapy would be fit for the person. For that reason, you need to know about the different types of methods and treatments that are available for drug addicts.

The right treatment can improve your health as well as mental health. Besides this, the treatments are also good for your overall health that means there are no side effects.

Most Americans are addicted to alcohol, and many of them want to leave this addiction behind. Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Malibu CA is the right place for those suffering from alcohol addiction. For other addictions, here are the treatments and therapies that help the patients suffering from drug addiction.

Types of Addiction Treatments and Therapies

  1. CBT- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT is the most recommended treatment as per the recent study conducted by the American Addiction Centers. The treatment can be used for several types of addictions. The CBT treatment can be used to cure alcohol addiction, food addiction, and other types of drug addiction for patients of different age groups.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is performed by professionals only. They use the right technique and can also combine it with other therapies to cure the patient.

  1. Direct Medications

Many symptoms can be cured by the healthcare provider by providing direct medications. There are some medications present in the market that can reduce the cravings for drug addiction. Smoking, Alcohol, and other common addictions can be cured by the direct medications’ technique.

If the addiction level is out of control, then the healthcare provider will suggest the patients go for other treatment as a high-level of addiction cannot be cured easily with direct medications.

  1. REBT- Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

If the patient is suffering from mental health issues after drug addiction, then this therapy is used by the professional therapeutic. Drug addicts believe that they are nothing without the drugs they consume which makes them mentally unstable.

They also feel hopeless without drugs and alcohol. This treatment erases this thought from the patients and makes them mentally stable and thoughtful.

  1. Detoxification

In this program, specific medications are provided by the professionals to the patient. Depending on the level of addiction and the age group, this treatment is provided. If the patient’s body is weak and can’t bear the body pain or other physical changes in his body, then this program won’t be applied to him.

This method detoxifies the entire body and the organs through medications. Just like other programs, detoxification can be used with other therapies by professional therapeutic.

  1. 12-step Programs

This program is used to treat patients with addiction to alcohol. This program can take up to 12 months to treat the patient. It works with the step-by-step method that reduces the craving for alcohol and drugs. The same program focuses on the mental and physical health of the patients and helps them improve with the combination of different therapies.

If your family member or friends or relatives are struggling with substance abuse or drug addiction, then you should help them treat their addiction through these programs. Your family physical would suggest you the best program as per your condition.

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