Banned Sport Supplements Or Substances That Can Lead To A Criminal Offence In Australia

There have been quite a lot of doping scandals rocking the world of sports over the past few years. Using substances that enhance performance is an offence that sports bodies deal with very harshly, to deter other people from using similar products. However, there is a growing market for such substances, mainly among fitness enthusiasts.


Since we’re talking about private citizens who just want to look buff, it’s hard to see where the crime is.


This article will explain the dangers associated with some of these supplements and why Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration classifies their distribution as a criminal offence.



Why are some sport substances banned?


Most of these substances can lead to serious health problems, which is why they are considered illegal. Selling such substances in a physical store or over the Internet is a criminal offence and citizens are encouraged to report such offences as soon as they become aware of them.


Keep in mind that some of these supplements are so dangerous that even possessing them without medical prescription is a criminal offence.



Selling banned substances in Australia is a criminal offence


Many people do not realize how dangerous trading in such banned substances can be. Even if you happen to get your hands on a small quantity it is illegal to sell it. That applies even to those who manage to get a medical prescription. Since it was prescribed to you it is illegal to sell it to someone else as their health might be at risk.


Once you are charged with selling a banned substance and found guilty, this offence will go on your national criminal history check record even if you get away with just a fine.


You might consider yourself lucky for avoiding prison, but the next time you will need to undergo a background check this offence will be on your criminal record.



Examples of banned sport supplements


One of the most popular, but nevertheless banned, performance enhancers are the so called Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs). These are quite similar to anabolic steroids. Taking such a supplement will result in getting more muscular mass very fast.


Such supplements are very popular among men who like to spend a lot of hours at the gym.


However, SARMs have been shown to be toxic to the liver. Also, taking SARMs increases the risk of having a heart attack or a stroke.


Stenabolic is a substance commonly found in sport supplements and is marketed as a performance enhancer. At the same time, stenabolic is present in some anti-ageing or weight loss supplements. However, this substance can cause cancer, heart problems, and  disrupt the metabolism, which is why it was banned.


Ibutamoren is another banned substance. This compound activates the release of the growth hormone, which helps athletes grow their muscular mass. Unfortunately, this substance also increases the risk of heart failure.


Cardarine is a compound developed to treat obesity and heart disease. The problem is this substance has been linked with an increased cancer risk, which is why it is no longer used to treat patients. However, unscrupulous traders sell cardarine supplements marketed as performance enhancers.


Tadalafil has nothing to do with sports, but is sold as a performance enhancer, only it’s about sexual performance. It is, indeed, used to treat erectile dysfunction, only under strict medical supervision since it can cause extremely low blood pressure and heart attacks.

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