The Many Benefits of the Ponytail Facelift

The ponytail facelift technique has quickly become one of the leading options for those who want to erase the signs of aging throughout the middle and lower face. In addition to providing patients with amazing results, this unique technique is also much less invasive than a traditional facelift, and that means your recovery time should be much shorter. Within days of your procedure, you could be back on your feet with a refreshed and rejuvenated new look that boosts your confidence. This advanced facelift procedure might be exactly what you need to feel comfortable in your own skin.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

When this operation is carried out by a skilled and experienced surgeon, the results can be world-class. As you can see from the facelift before and after images, many patients end up looking years younger with fewer age-related imperfections around the cheeks, nose, mouth, and jawline. While traditional facelifts can be effective for many patients, they sometimes result in a ‘swept-back’ look that appears to be static or unnatural. With the ponytail lift, the surgeon can pull the excess skin upward to create a natural and youthful appearance.

Your Facelift Procedure

The total length of your procedure is going to depend on a few different factors, and that includes the extent of the alterations as well as exactly what type of operation is being carried out. In most cases, the patient is going to be completely asleep throughout the surgery, and it should take no more than two or three hours to complete. Once you are sedated, the surgeon can make inconspicuous incisions behind the hairline where they are going to be almost completely invisible. They can then begin the process of carefully adjusting the skin and underlying tissue.

When the operation is over, you will need to stay at the surgical center for at least an hour or two while a team member keeps a close eye on you. After it has been confirmed that there are no post-op complications, you can have a loved one drive you home. At home, you should plan on spending at least a week or two in bed while the inflammation and discoloration slowly fade away.

Enjoying Your Refreshed New Look

If you have glanced at some facelift before and after images and think that you might be a great candidate, then it is time to give an experienced cosmetic surgeon a call so that you can schedule your first consultation. During that initial meeting, you can learn more about the many benefits of the ponytail facelift to determine if this operation is right for you.

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