CJ Koegel Workouts, Exercises & Fitness Program


Koegel fitness, a fairly new term in the health and fitness world, has managed to make a prominent mark on the industry.

Christian Koegel, founder of Koegel Fitness, has been an athlete for most of his life while also continuing his career as a model. He attended the University of Massachusetts where he was UMass’s all-time leading punter and a two time All-American. He started all 50 games and after graduating earned a spot on Mel Kiper’s top 10 punters for the 2007 NFL draft, where he became and still is a NFL free agent.

He then appeared on MTV’s The Real World Cancun and Real World/Road Rules Challenges. He continued his career by signing with Wilhelmina modeling agencies in New York City, Los Angeles and Miami. He moved on to acquire his certification as a functional training specialist and since then he has been cast in various commercials and numerous photo shoots for renowned brands like Nike, Reebok, Men’s Health, Perry Ellis, Target and Wal-Mart.

Koegel’s Fitness Journey

Koegel’s fitness career kicked off after having tried multiple workouts and then finally deciding to create one of his own that would give faster results and would be convenient too. Koegel, in his personal race for health & prosperity, found that there were no single workout or style of exercise that gave the results that he desired. After in depth study and research Koegel came up with his own workout plan. Moreover, he incorporated other factors that affect your body such as dietary needs and personal advice.

Koegel fitness is all about personalized training, making sure you receive the right diet and exercise dose according to your body requirements. Koegel fitness is easy, gives you results, keeps you healthy and allows you to work out anytime and anywhere you want.

Highlights of the Koegel Fitness Program

Once a part of Koegel Fitness Training, members receive a custom workout and diet plan specifically designed for them. Koegel Fitness claims to have designed an efficient step by step instruction format that will allow you to do your exercise routine with complete form and precision. To make things easier, Koegel Fitness has high quality videos available to their members that are easy to follow and give faster results.
For membership and subscription of personalized workout plans all you have to do is visit the Koegel

Fitness Website & Sign up

Once a member, you’re given workout routines (both cardio and resistance) in light of your own unique goals. An extensive diet plan that is healthy and realistic is another feature of Koegel Fitness. Furthermore, these dietary plans are not so difficult to follow as Koegel fitness tries to make them exciting by including some of your favorite foods, in a healthier way, that usually other dietary plans don’t do. Koegel Fitness will provide a schedule and also monitor your progress, giving valuable advice on each step.

The HIIT program

Koegel Fitness has introduced the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout which incorporates four exercises, each done for only 45 seconds at a fast pace and then 30 seconds at slow pace. These include a precise combination of sprints, side steps, lateral line jumps and alternative walking lunges. The routine is designed by Koegel fitness to maximize results along with being convenient and fun to do.

For more information visit the official Koegel Fitness website and subscribe to receive personalized diet plans and workout routines that are designed for your personal goals and body requirements.

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