How to Cope with Your Body Change During Body Weight Loss Program

Everyone wants to lose their fat and have their body goals. They will try to eat less food than normal and do exercise to burn some calories. But have you thought about what will happen to your body during the process of weight loss? Can you adjust with your routine? From eating a lot of meals to eating less or from never doing exercise to do some exercises. Diet and doing exercise sound easy but to do it is harder than you think. If you eat less food than your normal portion your belly will be craving for more food and your body will be limp. And after exercise your muscle will feel pain because of the contraction of the muscle. Body weight loss can affect your body and brain and you have to adjust with it. Then, if you want to know how to cope with your body change during your weight loss program, please read this article.

Craving More but Eat Less

Metabolism in your body has a huge impact on your weight loss. If your metabolism is high you will lose more weight. But, after you lose more weight your body’s metabolism rate also reduces and it makes your body lose weight less than before. This happened because your body is coping with your new weight and sometimes will make you hungrier. Why do you become hungrier? It happens because fat cells release a hormone called leptin, this hormone that makes you hungrier and eat fatty food because they want to maintain the fat you lost from before.

While you feel you want to eat more, you have to fight it and keep your mind strong. You have to remember your motivation before you want to lose your weight. Some studies say that if you diligently exercise and you can hold your hunger your body will regulate to a new normal. Another study also showed that people who steadily lose weight after a year will react differently when they see fatty foods, they look less interested even they feel disgusted. Here we can see the brain already affected by our new routine which is our body weight loss program, our brain becomes more interested in how we keep our body weight. If you want to know more about how weight loss affected your brain please read

Have a Strong Mind is the Key

Before you prepare a plan to lose weight, you have to prepare your mind and grow a strong motivation for why you want to lose weight. This is the most effective way to cope with your body change during your weight loss plans. And keep in mind overweight is bad for your body health. For example, if you are overweight, you put stress on your internal organs such as your respiratory system and it is really bad for the long term because it will restrict your activity and maybe it can kill you. By losing weight you also reduce your risk of cancer, heart attack and other illnesses.

As a matter of fact, the more fat in your body the more toxins live within it because a research said fat cells loved to store waste in our body. Fat cells also lower your immune system, because the healthy cells in your body see the fat cells as a virus. There are also studies that tell obesity is connected with poor memory and eyesight. Losing weight has many benefits for your body. Your body becomes more relaxed, light, comfortable and fresh. It can also improve your memory and eyesight because obesity is linked with low antioxidants levels that protect retina.

In conclusion

After you grow your motivation, you have to make your body and brain feel comfortable during your weight loss program. Because weight loss is a fight between brain and body. If you want your weight loss success, you need to maintain your brain to steadily follow your diet plan. It will not be constant, but if you consistently put effort you will be successful. Focus on healthy behavior and controlling your food will help you to lose weight.  You are responsible for your own body, do not wait for getting some illnesses to start to become healthier. If you are overweight, lose some of your weight! Feel the difference later and you will thank your current self. Good Luck Guys!

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