How to Take a Paternity Test & How Much it Cost?


Today, paternity tests are most often conducted by having the potential father and the child complete a buccal swab collection, also known as a simple cheek swab. The skin cells on the inside of the check contain DNA that can be used to identify the genetic profile of a person. In rare cases, a blood sample can also be used as part of a prenatal paternity test before the baby’s birth. Today, taking a paternity test at home is a fast and simple process that just requires a little thought and consideration. Visit our site to learn how!

The Basic Steps or Procedure of Paternity Test

Before taking the test, be sure to find an accredited paternity testing kit. If you are not sure of the kit’s quality, contact the provider, and find out what the genetic loci count is. You should aim for a count of at least 21 genetic loci, as this will ensure greater accuracy in results. To complete a buccal swab paternity test, be sure to read all of the directions carefully. Mistakes are often made during the collection process or when packaging the swabs for shipment. It is easy to assume mistakes won’t occur because the process is so simple, but you want to be as careful as possible because even the slightest of factors can affect the accuracy of the test results.

It is your responsibility to do all you can to maintain the likelihood of the test’s accuracy. In line with the directions, rub the swab deliberately inside the sides of the cheek. Then, place the sample into a sealed envelope, and mail the sample to your selected laboratory for analysis. Repeat this process for everyone contributing samples. At the very least, samples should be collected from the potential father and the child. If the mother is contributing a sample, included in the kit should be an extra swab for her. Results are typically sent through a secured website or mailed directly after the lab receives the samples. Emailed results are never used in order to prevent breaches of privacy and security.

How Much Does a Paternity Test Cost?

Paternity test costs range from $300 to $500, including any collection fees related to the test. For at-home paternity DNA tests, costs begin at $30 for the retail fees and about $200 for lab testing and shipping. Some labs require that you pay one fee that encompasses one total fee for all of the results. If you’re planning on taking a paternity test, it may be necessary to financially plan for the test fees in advance to avoid any unnecessary setbacks.

If you are pursuing a paternity test for legal purposes, the chain of custody is required to assist in the testing process. This branch also submits the sample for testing. The results are used as evidence, wherever needed to validate any related aspects of legal cases. Child support, disputes of paternity, and custody issues are more easily resolved once paternity relationships are identified from the testing results.

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