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As a fitness enthusiast, it’s always fun to try out new methods, routines and equipment. They are all usually streamlined to achieve similar results, and pilates is no different!

Using your body weight and balance, you are working target muscle groups; toning them and building strength.

Bulky gym equipment isn’t needed, but many people may not know that pilates equipment exists beyond a stretch rope and a yoga mat.

We’re going to be chatting here about the pilates cadillac, a specialised piece of equipment that helps pros and beginners alike to achieve results in their pilates routines.

What Is The Pilates Cadillac?

The pilates Cadillac was the first piece of equipment created by Pilates pioneer – Joseph Pilates in the mid-50s to early 60s. It also looks the most imposing and complicated.

While the original was very basic – made from a simple hospital bed during WW1 – it has now evolved more and has features to exercise almost any part of your body.

Contrary to the name, this piece of equipment doesn’t look like an old fashioned fancy car; it resembles an old-fashioned four-poster bed. There is a base, connecting upright frame and lots of attachments hanging from all sides.

All these attachments mean there is an endless number of exercises for you, but what can be included, and how is this piece of equipment beneficial?

The Springs

Various springs can be attached to the loops that line the top. Different tensions allow changing the difficulty level and strengthening/mobilising the joints in your legs and arms more effectively.

The number of attachment points also means equipment can be attached at different heights allowing for exercise to be completed while lying down, on your side, kneeling or standing.

Attaching a crossbar or a push bar and altering tension also helps balance some movements and provide the support that you may not get when doing exercise just on a yoga mat.

The Trapeze Swing

There is a fun attachment to the pilates Cadillac called the trapeze swing. Most likely inspired by gymnastics, it is most commonly used with exercises involving bridge-type movements to work on spine mobility.

To make this attachment more complicated, it can be used from a standing position helping improve hamstring flexibility.

The Metal Frame

The actual frame itself is vital when attempting to do upper body exercises such as pull-ups.

Opposite to the trapeze swing, the metal frame is designed for hanging exercises that are fantastic for decompressing the spine.

Benefits of the Pilates Cadillac


The exercise table is an incredibly supportive piece of equipment.

The stable base provides support for the person practising, which helps with correct posture and makes some movements less strenuous.

Exercises like roll downs optimise spine movement while increasing abdominal strength are often used during rehabilitation programmes.

During physiotherapy exercises, a therapist can perform manual therapy and pilates training because of the extra support provided by the elevated bed design.

These features help people who are struggling to do the necessary forms of exercise for any reason – injury, disability and even pregnancy.

Advanced exercises:

While beginners will benefit from this machine, it does not mean that the more experienced Pilates enthusiast would not.

The metal frame of the pilates Cadillac allows for the most dramatic and acrobatic of movements. Spine extensions and flexions are a possibility with this device

And! Not only do those exercises look impressive, but they also help your body so much!


There are many benefits to the pilates Cadillac. Movement range, number of exercises, suitability for everyone.

If you wish to challenge yourself more try out the Pilates Cadillac – you’ll find that sometimes your own body is your biggest tool if you want to better yourself and get leaner muscles.

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