The Incredible Beauty Benefits of Honey


Honey is a part of our history from a very long time. According to researches, the fossils of honeybees date back to over 150 million years ago. Further, the cave paintings found in Europe prove the earliest records of beekeeping from around 7000BC.

The beauty benefits of honey are incredible and many. For the unique process of creating honey makes it ideal for skin. You can apply it over your skin and incorporate in your diet for beauty treatments. Keep reading to learn about the application and eating benefits of honey for skin. Nevertheless, find the answer to an important question for beauty enthusiasts first.

Does Honey Lighten Skin?

Yes, honey is extremely beneficial for lightening and brightening your skin. Researches show a powerful influence of applying honey and lightening dark spots.

This substance is rich in exfoliating properties. When you apply it to your face, it quickly eliminates the dead skin cells. These prevent your skin from looking dull and make your skin brighter.

While raw honey is expensive, you can use online discount codes from grocery stores to save on its purchase. There are many more beauty benefits of honey. Read below to find how it can work wonders for your skin.

Beauty Benefits of Honey

By applying honey regularly on your face, you can quickly experience positive changes. From treating dark spots and acne to healing dry skin, it can be your ultimate beauty solution.

It Can Fight Against Acne

Honey can absorb different impurities from skin pores by working as a cleansing agent. Being a natural antiseptic, it can also heal and soothe your skin. Therefore, you can apply honey on your face and leave it for approx 30 minutes to treat acne.

It Can Treat Wrinkles

Honey works as a natural humectants and quickly moisturizes your skin. By adding this extra moisture to your skin, honey can aid in improving wrinkles. This substance can soothe irritated and dry skin.

It is rich in antioxidants that help to keep away from premature aging. Keep in mind, not all types of honey perform the same way. Therefore, discuss with your doctor when using against wrinkles.

It Can Soften Chapped Lips

Pure honey benefits in the treatment of chapped lips. You can apply it on your lips for amazing results. Honey is absorbed in to your skin and makes lips smooth. Most often, experts suggest applying honey on your lips and leaving overnight for quick results.

However, it is necessary to consult with your doctor. For leaving honey, overnight on your lips may lead to the risk of botulism.

It Can Treat Dry Skin

By mixing honey with yoghurt, you can work against flaky and dry skin. Both of these ingredients have antibacterial properties that help to cleanse the skin. Moreover, honey is rich in antioxidants and hence, improves moisture of your skin.

It Can Cleanse Skin

Honey is also effective in the removal of dirt and grime from the skin. The beauty benefits of honey are remarkable as they perform on your skin without striping natural oils. You can rub honey on your face and wash with lukewarm water. It will also work as a toner on your skin.

It Can Whiten Skin

Honey benefits your skin for whitening in numerous ways. It is rich in antibacterial properties and soothes inflammation on your skin. Moreover, it helps to protect your skin against germs and moisturizes it ideally. Think of a yoghurt and honey mask for the best results.

Eating Honey Benefits for Skin

Besides topical applications on the skin, intake of honey is also beneficial. It can aid your skin in plenty of ways and make you look beautiful.

From working on your skin externally, it works on the entire body internally.

It Can Treat Allergies

Honey can treat different allergies simply. It is similar to the intake of pollen and results with fewer allergic symptoms. By eating honey, you can keep away from multiple allergies. Henceforth, honey works well when you wish to treat skin allergies too.

It Can Aid In Weight Loss

Interestingly, the amazing combination of natural sugars in honey makes it ideal as food for weight loss. You must try to substitute sugar with honey throughout the day. For more, add a spoonful of honey in a hot drink and take it before bed. It helps to satisfy the sugar cravings of your brain.

It Can Promote Sleep

Completing your quality sleep time helps to keep the skin fresh. It boosts the health of your skin cells. Fortunately, studies prove that eating honey before bed can promote a peaceful slumber. It happens because honey can keep liver glycogen full, which as a result helps to sleep quickly.

The Side Effects of Using Honey

Honey is unlikely to cause any allergic reactions in the majority of people. Nevertheless, it has some side effects that you must know.

It Can Cause Allergies

Folks sensitive to pollen, celery, bee venom, and bee-related allergies must prevent the use of honey. The different allergic reactions caused due to honey include,

  • Hives
  • Lip Or Tongue Inflammation
  • Shortness Of Breath
  • Wheezing
  • Voice Changes

Excess Use Side Effects

The excess use of honey can also result in blurred vision, abnormal heart rhythm, fatigue, diarrhoea, drowsiness, fever, and sometimes a high rate of intoxication. It also increases the risk of bleeding.

Harmful For Pregnant Women

Some reports suggest that honey is harmful for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Traditional medicine believes that honey includes contamination that causes harm. Therefore, keep away from it during pregnancy and breastfeed.

Wrap Up

By using honey on your skin and face, you can treat acne, scarring, dryness, and dullness. As per fact, raw honey is expensive than other types of honey. However, honey remedies are relatively inexpensive that the cosmetics you use for major skin conditions.

Keep using honey for a variety of benefits and enjoy a glowing skin.

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