Asymmetrical Breasts? Here Are Your Treatment Options

It is an unfortunate fact that many women are born with asymmetrical breasts or develop that cosmetic issue as they grow older. In the vast majority of cases, that type of imperfection isn’t going to be dangerous, but it can impact a woman’s confidence. To quickly and safely restore the symmetry of your breasts, you might want to consider undergoing breast revision surgery. That type of procedure is the ideal option for creating a well-balanced bustline that boosts your self-image and allows you to feel comfortable in your own body. Here is a quick look at three of the most popular revision procedures that can help patients deal with breast asymmetry issues.

Breast Augmentation

One of the leading options for breast asymmetry is the breast augmentation procedure, and that operation is carried out hundreds of thousands of times every year. During that procedure, a medical team is going to insert one or two implants into the breasts depending on the patient’s needs and cosmetic goals. The inside of each implant is filled with silicone or saline, and each material has its own pros and cons. Before your procedure, you and your surgeon can discuss both of those materials as well as where the incision or incisions will be placed.

Breast Lifts

While the breast augmentation procedure is a great option for breasts that are two different sizes, it won’t have a big impact on the position of the breasts on the chest. If the position of the breasts needs to be altered, then your surgeon might suggest a breast lift. The primary purpose of that operation is to pull the breast tissue higher on the chest to create a symmetrical and perkier appearance. Over the last few years, the breast lift has continued to be one of the most popular breast revision surgeries on the market, and it can result in an amazing bustline when it is carried out by a skilled surgeon. Some patients also have the breast lift combined with the breast augmentation procedure to enhance the size of the breasts as well as alter the position of the tissue.

Nipple Repositioning

Even if your breast tissue is relatively symmetrical, you might still struggle with some cosmetic problems with your nipples or areolas. Those types of issues often occur when a patient has nursed a child or gone through hormonal fluctuations. Some patients are also born with areolas and nipples that are naturally asymmetrical, and that can have a large impact on one’s confidence. During the nipple repositioning operation, a skilled surgeon can carefully alter the size and shape of the nipples to create a more pleasing and balanced appearance. You might also want to consider having this procedure added to your breast lift or augmentation.

Coming Up With Your Personalized Treatment Plan

Breast revision surgery is a very personal operation, and there isn’t a single technique that is going to work for everyone. If you think that you might be ready for cosmetic surgery to improve the symmetry of your breasts or enhance their size, then you should contact an experienced surgeon to discuss all of your options. One of those doctors will be able to help you come up with a long-term treatment plan that allows you to achieve all of your cosmetic goals.

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