How Laser Acupuncture Can Help Athletes Recover Faster

Laser acupuncture (LA), also known as low-level laser therapy (LLLT) has become increasingly popular among the fitness industry. While you still need to learn about acupuncture point. It’s more a DIY device using therapeutic cold lasers instead of traditional acupuncture needles to stimulate points and promote healing.

It is a fast, safe, pain-free, non-invasive technique that is especially suited to treat children and adults who may avoid acupuncture because of needle phobia or sensitivity.

How Laser Acupuncture Works

Medical lasers inject visible and/or invisible laser light deep into the tissue structures. I will spare you the technical terms but, in a nutshell, the body tissues have the ability to absorb laser light energy and transform it into a chemical energy for the cells which in return is utilized by the tissue to accelerate the healing process.

Similarly, to traditional Chinese acupuncture, it helps to create more blood flows and reduce pain in the body naturally. It is highly effective at treating numerous acute and chronic conditions.  In fact, recent studies using advanced brain imaging show laser acupuncture has measurable healing effects on the brain as well as the body.

Why Athletes Are Now Using Laser Acupuncture?

Athletes are accustomed to injuries and usually manage to recover fairly fast if they follow specific protocols. Oftentimes, an athlete will continue to train with an inflammation or a light injury. The latter can cause more damage if it’s left unattended.

Laser acupuncture can help reduce the inflammation and promote healing, hence a good option for athletes who can use this modality on their own.

Research have shown that 90% of men aged between 18 and 30 will recover from deep muscle pain using laser acupuncture after 8 sessions spaced over a two-week period. 80% over a one-week period

What about people who just work-out for pleasure?

The benefits are the same. It’s just not as popular yet. It will change as many DIY modalities are now becoming more affordable and accessible. Even, physiotherapists are now recommending buying some modalities online or in-store to help their patients recover faster.

Clinics such as Pillars of Wellness in Burlington comes with a different approach. They combine awareness, education, do it at home and work collaboratively among health practitioners for quicker recovery of their patients. The results are there!

Conditions Effectively Treated with Laser Acupuncture

Just like traditional acupuncture, laser acupuncture is used to prevent and treat a variety of diseases while improving the overall health and well-being of the patient. It can be used to treat all the same conditions as traditional acupuncture, including:

·       Acute/chronic pain.

·       Stress/ Anxiety Depression

·       Headaches/Migraines

·       Osteoarthritis

·       TMJ Pain

·       Gastro-intestinal issues

·       Sports Injuries

·       Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

·       Tennis Elbow

·       Frozen Shoulder

·       Plantar Fasciitis

·       Bursitis, tendonitis


What to Expect During Treatment?

During a treatment session, the person receiving the treatment must wear special goggles to protect their eyes, while blue or red medical-grade cold lasers are held to the skin for between 15 to 60 seconds. This relaxing and painless stimulation transfers modulated energy wavelengths into the meridian system, promoting healing. LA therapy is completely painless and extremely safe.

Some people may feel a sensation of energy shifting in their body, but most people feel nothing during treatment.  Almost all report healing effects either immediately or over time, depending on the condition. Even if a patient prefers a treatment plan using traditional acupuncture needles, lasers can also be incorporated in a single session to treat highly sensitive or tender areas.  Lasers are particularly effective for auricular acupuncture, and since it is non-invasive, it also carries zero risk of infection or other complications in patients with compromised immune systems or bleeding disorders.

Concluding Words

Today, a lot of different innovative technology can be found on the market. Most of them are directed to health professionals but a few can be purchased as a do-it-yourself product. Heat/Cold packs, MPS Neuro-Dolphin Stimulator, Light Therapy, TENS to name a few are examples of modalities that can help reduce your pain and make you feel better. This is not a replacement to your doctor or your physiotherapist but it’s an add-on.

Your wellness journey starts with you. You must be committed and be willing to put the work towards your rehabilitation.

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