FFS New York Mistakes You Should Avoid When Choosing a Surgeon

Choosing a plastic surgeon for FFS New York isn’t as simple as you think. Facial feminization can lead to life-changing results, and choosing the wrong surgeon can entail negative consequences. You don’t want to look for a plastic surgeon to repair the work of your old one. But if you make the wrong choice, that can happen. It pays to do thorough research before you make your final choice.

Looking for patient reviews may be a good start, but they’re not always consistent. Sometimes, they can be inaccurate and contain exaggerated comments. To help you, let’s talk about the common mistakes you must avoid when choosing an FFS New York plastic surgeon.

Common mistakes to avoid when choosing an FFS New York Surgeon

Basing decisions on the before and after pictures

It’s common for plastic surgeons to display before and after pictures of their patients on their websites. But Photoshop exists, and image manipulation is a marketing tactic. Not all before and after pictures are real. For all you know, you could be looking at heavily edited photos.

Basing your decision on geographic location

You can find the best FFS surgeons around the world. You may have to travel if you want the service of a top-notch facial feminization surgeon. If you only choose a surgeon because their office is closer to you, you’re limiting the quality of your options.

Facial feminization surgery isn’t an ordinary operation. It’s a one-time life event where you invest money and time. It doesn’t make any sense to compromise the quality of work.

Choosing the same surgeon your friend worked with

You might hire a lawyer that your friend recommends, but you cannot say the same for a facial feminization surgeon. Even if your friend had a positive experience working with a surgeon, it doesn’t automatically mean you’ll have the same experience. Your facial needs may not be different from your friend’s.

If you need a rhinoplasty, you want to make sure that the plastic surgeon has a good history of performing rhinoplasty. Your new nose and other feminized features have to sit in harmony. So, if the surgeon doesn’t have much experience in performing rhinoplasties, you may not get the best results. Never assume that all facial feminization surgeons have comprehensive experience in all the aspects of facial feminization.

Easily believing positive reviews on social media

A healthy dose of skepticism never hurts. It’s okay to read reviews online. However, if you see that one plastic surgeon has an overabundance of praises and positive reviews, then tread carefully. If you think that they aren’t authentic, then they probably aren’t.

Looking for the best FFS plastic surgeon on Google

You’ll never get accurate results when you look for “the best FFS plastic surgeon” or similar terms on Google. Anyone can manipulate Google rankings. Therefore, start by meeting plastic surgeons in person to understand the quality and volume of their work.

Not checking the number of procedures the surgeon performs

The workload of your surgeon is a good indicator of the demand for their FFS New York practice. Ask the surgeon how many facial feminization surgeries they typically perform in a year. Top plastic surgeons are usually busy performing FFS. They perform at least 2 to 3 facial feminization procedures within a week, about 100+ in a year. When it comes to FFS, experience has no substitute.

Not all plastic surgeons may openly discuss the number of surgeries they perform. Some may even misrepresent their experience to gain your trust. But if a surgeon spends too much time traveling or on social media, they probably aren’t very busy. A plastic surgeon with a good reputation is in high demand should be busy operating on patients.

Those are the common mistakes a lot of people make when looking for a plastic surgeon. But if you think that’s all you need to know, then you’re wrong. FFS New York isn’t just something any plastic surgeon can perform. It’s a highly specialized skill set. To master it, it takes years of studying and training.

Other factors you should consider when looking for an FFS New York surgeon

Does the surgeon have board certification?

If the plastic surgeon lives in the US, you have to make sure that they are US Board Certified. They should have a Board-certified status given by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. If they live abroad, check the associations and qualifications in that country. Ultimately, your chosen plastic surgeon should have enough credentials to perform FFS.

Does the surgeon have the qualifications to perform FFS New York?

You’ll find a lot of plastic surgeons who can perform the soft-tissue procedures necessary in facial feminization. But if you’re after a successful facial gender confirmation surgery, you need to find someone who also knows how to perform bone work procedures. You’ll need someone who underwent maxillofacial or craniofacial training. After all, only plastic surgeons who are experts in both craniofacial surgery and plastic surgery should perform the necessary procedures for FFS.

Aside from the technical skills, your chosen surgeon should also have a keen eye for appreciating facial aesthetic harmony. People sometimes forget this when choosing an FFS surgeon.

How does the plastic surgeon treat you?

You’ll be making one of the most important and biggest decisions in your life. It’s alright to feel emotional. Remember that you’re not a set of surgical procedures. You’re much more than that. Work with a surgeon who makes you feel safe and treats you like a human being.

It’s your prerogative to choose someone who makes you feel welcome and cared for. This is a big decision you’re making. You need people who support you in your journey as a transgender woman.

Part of what makes you human is your ability to express yourself through your identity. If you don’t think your physical appearance matches how you identify yourself, FFS New York can help you. This is a life-changing moment, so don’t make the mistakes other people make. Choose the right plastic surgeon now!

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