How To Be A Good Personal Trainer

Every Personal Trainer is different.

They follow a variety of techniques, give nutritional advice and weight loss methodology differently. Some may have specialties and some may cover everything.

Whether you’re new to personal training or a veteran there is always something to learn!

I’m Rob, a PT at Castle Gym (Based in Nottingham, UK), I’ve been in this industry for 9 years. I have qualifications in circuit training and gym-based boxing. I have a special interest and enjoyment in fat loss training, boxing, and strength training.

I’ll be giving you my opinion and advice on how to be the best PT you can be!

Firstly, have the hunger to learn new skills and techniques! Things are ever-changing in this industry, especially over the past year with the lockdown.

Many of us have had to learn how to train people virtually! Mastering technology like Zoom, YouTube…TikTok…

Being able to adapt and learn based on your environment of clients is essential.

Perhaps you have your own gym so haven’t needed to worry about this too much. If you rent space or go to your client’s house or location of choice then you’ll have had to change things up.

New diets, new exercise techniques, new recovery methods. All these things and more should be kept an eye on in this profession. Don’t ever assume you know everything.

Science, ingenuity, and trial and error are all ways in which new fitness trends and techniques come about.

Of course, there are some things that are going to be the general norm and best practices, so make sure you perfect the techniques that you already know.

This may sound like an easy one, but it’s so essential and beneficial to both you and your clients.

I’ve seen far too many PTs in my time that talk the talk and know how to tell their clients what to do but don’t always practise what they preach!

You should never expect to become a good PT if you aren’t capable of executing your own teachings.

Secondly, always listen to your clients.

While you may have all the knowledge, training and experience, you can’t simply assume that what you’re saying will be possible for the client you are training.

Thirdly, communication is one of the most effective ways of having a good relationship with your clients and giving them the best chance to make the most of the money they’re spending for your time and help.

Listen to what their goals are, listen to the needs of their body, understand their emotional and physical needs.

For example, if your client has an injury you need to think about if they can continue to exercise, what they can do if so. If they can’t, ensure that you give the correct recovery instructions.

In addition to this, make your client think they are your sole focus.

You will always get the best results from your clients if they believe you are giving them 100%.

Moreover, how can you expect your client to give you their very best if you are not doing the same for them?

Every time you train, message, email, any kind of interactions with your client, give them your full attention.

Likewise, it is essential to make everything personal to the client. There is no “one shoe fits all” in personal training.

Each person will require different nutrition and dieting advice, different training plans, different styles of exercise, all based on what they want to achieve.

For example, you wouldn’t give the same personal training plan to a bodybuilder as you would someone who wants to lose weight.

Tailor everything about the training plan to each individual client.

Most importantly after listening to their needs is to never let your clients give up!

Everyone hires personal trainers for different reasons. Most of the time the main reason is to help motivate them and stay on track to reach their goals.

You wouldn’t be doing your job correctly if you let your clients give up.

There may be difficult times in their journey towards their goals. You have to stay strong for them and push them through. Make sure they know that they can and will succeed!

You will give the majority of your time and attention to your paying clients.

However, working in an establishment such as Castle Gym, it’s important as a good personal trainer to support and listen to everyone and to give help to those who ask.

While they may not be your clients you will be doing good by helping other people, helping with technique, giving them training advice.

You could be preventing injury for someone who is training with bad form. You might even help someone so much that they decide to become a client.

The way you behave around your place of work will help uphold the good name of the establishment. Think about it, there’s simply no negative in helping others.

Be the best trainer you can be, help change lives, make a difference.

Author: Rob from Castle Gym, Nottingham, UK

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