Reasons to Never Skip a Physical Therapy Appointment


Often, the hardest part of coming back from a devastating injury such as broken bones, ligament damage and more is not the surgery. In fact, some of the hardest experiences people have with their rehab process is the actual physical therapy to make sure that you come back stronger than ever throughout the entire healing process.

Whether your life is really busy, you’re struggling with your ability to stick with your PT schedule, or you think you have fully healed despite not being given the go-ahead by your physical therapist, there are a lot of reasons why people end up cutting off their physical therapy before they really should.

In the off chance that you are thinking about skipping an upcoming physical therapy appointment, we at physical therapy in Irvine, CA are here to give you some of the top reasons why you never want to skip one. Let’s get started!

Consistency is crucial

As with so many things in life, consistency is crucial for you to make sure that you are really seeing the benefit of your hard work. In order for your injured muscles and tissues to truly begin to heal and heal completely, you need to keep up with the regular exercises. Trust us, there is nothing your physical therapist wants more than for you to fully heal and go on with your life as if the injury never happened. If they’re telling you to come in more often or to come in longer than you originally planned, you can be sure that there is a reason for it.

Follow your physiatrist’s plan

As we just covered, the orders of your physiatrist are highly important for you to follow from start to finish. The reason why is because they simply know what is best for your body in order for it to heal fully. If they schedule an appointment for you, the reason should be clear: You need to go in. Missing an appointment is a direct refusal of their plan and only prevents you from getting back to 100 percent as quickly as possible.

You can’t do it on your own

No matter how stubborn or self-assured you are, trust us, you cannot go through physical therapy on your own. You may feel that watching a couple YouTube videos will help you take care of it on your own, but you would be 100 percent. Physiatrists are highly trained experts who know the human body in the same way that a doctor does, or like a professional mechanic knows a powerful sports car. Whether or not you want to admit it, you need them to succeed in your rehab goals.

You get the chance to ask questions and grow

Working with a highly trained pro who cares more about your health and wellness than anything else gives you a chance to check in and learn about the rehab process. Whether you are coming back from a knee injury, back injury or anything in between, you can depend on them for useful information as you get further away from your injury and closer to full strength.

Good luck!

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