When to Consider Dental Crowns

As you grow older, your teeth are naturally going to become weaker, and that will increase your risk of many different oral health issues. In addition to minor chips and cracks, you might also have to deal with severe fractures that expose the interior of your teeth. When that type of damage occurs, you must immediately seek out professional medical assistance at dental care in Hawaii that offers a variety of treatments including emergency, pediatric, preventative, orthodontic, and cosmetic dental care all in one spot available to patients who are dealing with painful oral health problems.

Common Causes of Tooth Damage

While regular dental visits and good oral hygiene habits will minimize your risk of problems with your teeth and gums, damage can still occur at any time. Many people have their teeth chipped or cracked during acute accidents. That might occur during an auto collision or an accident while playing a sport. If your teeth aren’t perfectly aligned, then simple wear and tear could lead to serious issues as you grow older. When a tooth becomes damaged, it needs to be addressed right away so that you don’t get an infection. Once the tooth is infected and the roots have been weakened, a tooth extraction will most likely be the only option. If you are able to catch the damage early on, then you might be able to cover the tooth with a dental crown.

A Look at Dental Crowns

Getting dental crowns affixed to one’s teeth is a relatively simple and straightforward process that can usually be taken care of in two quick visits to the dentist. During your first visit, your dentist will need to take a careful look at your teeth and gums to ensure that the damage hasn’t spread. They will then begin the process of removing a small amount of enamel from the damaged tooth. The final thing that the dentist must do is make an impression of the tooth so that a custom crown can be made.

Once the crown has been created, you will need to schedule a follow-up appointment so that it can be placed in the mouth. Crowns are held in place with a powerful bonding agent, and that adhesive should last for many years to come. You can also care for the crown just like it is a natural tooth, and that means you won’t have to worry about any additional hygiene habits or complicated aftercare instructions.

Options for Severe Damage

When a tooth has been severely damaged, a dentist will usually suggest extracting it entirely. That procedure can usually be completed in less than an hour, and patients are given a strong local anesthetic well before the tooth is removed. Following the operation, you must be very careful and follow all of your dentist’s instructions. After the tissue and bone have healed, you will then need to schedule one more appointment to have it replaced. Dental implants are a popular option for replacing missing teeth, but some patients go with removable dentures or bridges.

When to See a Dentist

As soon as you see any signs of tooth damage, you must immediately schedule an appointment with a skilled dentist. In many cases, minor damage can easily be treated as long as the patient seeks out professional assistance right away. When the damage gets worse, your only option might be a tooth extraction. That is why you should contact a dentist if you have sudden oral pain, an aching jaw, a discolored tooth, dental fractures, or chipped teeth.

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