Why Is Facial Surgery Such A Popular Cosmetic Procedure?

Facial surgery is advantageous since it improves one’s appearance and corrects abnormalities. Others’ perceptions of us are influenced by our looks. While some people choose to alter certain aspects of their appearance, others are born with birth defects, such as facial anomalies and cleft lip. Many issues, including the aging process, sun spots, and prior facial injuries, can be treated with facial cosmetic surgery performed by a qualified cosmetic surgeon. The following is a general overview of facial cosmetic surgery.

Types of Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Almost any feature of the face can benefit from a range of facial cosmetic procedures to improve its appearance or shape. The following are some of the facial cosmetic procedures available:

-face lift

-rhinoplasty or nose job

-cheek implants and/or augmentation

-blepharoplasty (eyelid lift)

-brow lift

-forehead lift

The type of procedure performed depends on the results you are trying to achieve as well as the recommendations of the plastic surgeon.

The Best Ways to Prepare for Facial Cosmetic Surgery

You will feel more at peace when you know what to expect from facial cosmetic surgery. Hemorrhage, blood clots, severe anesthetic reactions, and infections are all possible consequences. However, your body’s health plays a role in your body’s reaction to the procedure. Furthermore, if you are a smoker, you should abstain from smoking for at least two weeks prior to surgery. This will help the healing process go as smoothly as possible.

The majority of plastic surgery procedures do not necessitate a lengthy hospital stay. Some procedures can be conducted in an outpatient setting. It is based on the degree of your surgery. Other procedures may necessitate an overnight or two-day stay in the hospital. In either instance, your surgeon will discuss the type of care you’ll need at home while you recover. You will be given instructions on how to care for your incision. Additionally, at least a week, following the facial treatment, the sutures and surgical staples will be extracted. You will be ready to return to work within a week or two, once the swelling and bruising have subsided.

Self-Care Tips

Taking care of yourself at home, the first three weeks, will aid your healing process and reduce the chance of complications:

-As advised by your surgeon, follow the wound care recommendations.

-Picking at crusting scabs that form on your wound is not a good idea.

-Follow the directions for when you can start using hair and skin products, and the types that should be used.

-Excessive pressure or movements around near the incisions should be avoided.

-Don’t put on cosmetics until the surgeon says it’s okay.

-Avoid strenuous activities.

-Avoid overexposure to the sun and wear sunscreen if you must go out.

-For at least a little over a month, refrain from dyeing, relaxing, or bleaching your hair.

Follow-Up Appointments

Depending on the type of facial cosmetic surgery, several follow-up appointments may be necessary. Typically, they will be scheduled the next two months following the procedure. The following should be expected during your follow-up appointment:

-Drainage tubes will be removed 24 hours following surgery. Once they are removed, antibiotic ointment should be applied to your incisions. New dressings will also need to be placed on your face.

-Depending on the type of facial cosmetic surgery, bandages can sometimes be replaced by elastic facials.

-Subsequent visits will almost certainly be made to track your progress.

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