5 Pros and Cons of Workplace Drug Testing

Despite all the measures put in place for safe drug consumption, the sad truth is that drug testing is still a controversial issue. It’s obvious that employers want to know more about their employees, but employees feel like their right to privacy will be sabotaged.

This popular method comes with its benefits and downsides. Here are the pros and cons of drug testing at the workplace.

Pros of Drug Testing

1. Makes The Working Environment Safer

The unfortunate fact is that employees who are on drugs pose a threat to fellow employees. They make the place unsafe and unfit for productive engagements to go on. Such a reason causes employers to think along the lines of drug testing at the workplace. Some employees may prefer to visit a drug testing near me rather than wait for the boss to have one at the office officially.

Whichever the case, drug tests that are done thoroughly are usually the essence of safer working conditions and must be embraced. Work that involves heavy lifting and the use of heavy machinery is the most sensitive. Employers must look into their employees’ welfare by ensuring that they are mentally and physically fit. This way, everyone wins, and the level of production at the workplace increases.

Drug testing does not only apply to manual laborers. On the contrary, it applies to everyone employed to enforce their skill for the company’s good. Neglecting drug testing is only a recipe for disaster for the employer, employee, and the company in general.

2. Helps Employees To Stay Sober

All workforce members need to be in full health to give their very best at work. Taking some time off working hours to carry out a drug testing session is beneficial mainly to employees. It helps them stay sober and in complete control of themselves and their decisions regarding work. Employees that have been on drugs for the most prolonged period should be the primary target.

Some of them have been trying their level best to stay clean but to no avail. Drug testing is their saving grace since it seeks to help and maybe follow up on their healing journey. On the bright side, employers are the ones to look into the rehabilitation expenses in case it’s a full-blown crisis.

3. Decreases Legal Liability

When the authorities find drugs of any kind within the work premises, the employers are automatically to blame. Drug testing alleviates all issues and scandals that may stem from legal matters. Employees that have to work alongside coworkers that are hooked on drugs are not safe. Some of them may even have to seek legal redress on the matter for justice to prevail.

What’s more, drug testing saves time and money since it goes straight to the point. It unearths all the hidden dangers that various drugs may cause to the users’ systems. There will be little to no accidents around the workplace. This makes the environment habitable and productive for everyone involved.

4. Low Levels Of Privacy Invasion

One of the main reasons that most employees opt out of the drug testing exercise is privacy invasion. They feel that this entire exercise robs them of their dignity as human beings. On the contrary, drug testing is not as invasive as most of them have perceived it to be. The individuals and authorities involved are careful not to cross boundaries that they shouldn’t.

Blood samples are not a requirement; instead, other body fluids such as urine or saliva are just as helpful. This is a massive advantage for the employees and the entire company in general. They don’t have to worry about the results coming in too late.

Moreover, they are released almost immediately and are free to continue with their official duties. Another benefit of using urine and saliva is that they deliver accurate results. They give lab technicians an easy time when carrying out the whole process.

5. High Levels Of Productivity

Nothing good has ever come out of illegal and excessive use of hard drugs. Instead, drugs have only led to the downfall of most careers, studies, marriages, and overall lives. As mentioned earlier, drug testing enables employees to stay sober. As a result, this increases their productivity and creativity at the workplace and even their personal lives.

However, employers should be keen on following up the entire process. Drug testing shouldn’t be a one-time thing. Consistency is a requirement that they must embrace by all means. They should normalize the habit of organizing drug testing exercises at the workplace after every 30 days. This helps the employees stay disciplined as far as the use of drugs is involved.

Cons of Drug Testing

1. Unfair Results

Unfortunately, some of these drug testing agencies are not always sincere about the results they bring to the table. The employee ends up with a case of wrongful dismissal that they have to follow up in court. This robs them of their time and resources and adds all sorts of unimaginable problems to their plates. In worse case scenarios, unfair dismissal may cause mental illness in the employee.

2. Additional Expenses

This is especially true for companies that are not yet off the ground. They may be forced to fork out large chunks of money to facilitate the entire process, and they are not ready for such an expense. The worst part is that some may even file for bankruptcy when the company is still taking its baby steps. Employers may have to spend about $50 for each of their employees to undergo the drug test.

3. Invasion of Privacy

Some companies are sticking to their guns about the privacy issue. Most employees are not comfortable with the idea of having to surrender their body fluids for a drug test.

4. Invasion of Privacy

Some companies are sticking to their guns about the privacy issue. Most employees are not comfortable with the idea of having to surrender their body fluids for a drug test.

5. It Does Not Guarantee Safety

Unfortunately, drug testing at the workplace has only become a formality. It doesn’t guarantee the safety of an employee’s health. On the contrary, mild addicts may continue the dreaded lifestyle without the office environment.

Final Thoughts

A successful company is built on satisfied and loyal employees. However, this is not to say that employers should tolerate reckless use of drugs for their companies to thrive. A mutual understanding from both parties, in this case, is vital.

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