A Quick Look at the Vertical Facelift Technique

Even though traditional facelifts can produce amazing results, some patients would like to avoid the “windswept” look that sometimes takes place when the skin is pulled horizontally to the sides of the face. The vertical facelift technique is a cutting-edge rejuvenation procedure, that is going to refresh your appearance and create extremely natural results. Following your facelift Beverly Hills, you are going to look years younger after a wide variety of age-related blemishes are erased throughout the lower half of the face. As an added bonus, the vertical facelift technique can also produce results that last for 10 years or longer with the proper aftercare.

Avoiding the “Windswept” Look

During a traditional facelift, a cosmetic surgeon is going to make two long incisions near the ears. Once those incisions have been made, the skin and underlying muscles are pulled horizontally to create a more toned appearance. While that technique is effective in some situations, it can create an unnatural look that you would probably like to steer clear of. As you can see in these facelift before and after photos, the vertical technique allows a surgeon to create a natural-looking appearance by gently minimizing many blemishes and imperfections throughout the face. Some of the cosmetic issues that your surgeon will be able to address during your facelift Beverly Hills include sunken cheeks, loose skin along the jawline, deep folds on the side of the nose, and wrinkles around the mouth.

Getting Ready for Your Procedure

If you have looked over the facelift before and after photos and would like to learn more about the vertical technique, then you should schedule your first meeting with the surgeon right away. That appointment will allow your surgeon to explain all of the benefits of that technique and take a quick look at your medical history. You are also going to be given a chance to discuss your cosmetic goals and ask more questions. If you and your surgeon decide that you would make a good candidate, then you will be given comprehensive pre-op instructions.

Every procedure is slightly different, but the average facelift is going to take around three hours to complete. For the vertical technique two very discreet incisions can be made on the sides of the face. The surgeon is then going to reposition the fat and muscles before pulling the skin tight. Your surgeon might also suggest injecting some of your own fat and cells back into your face if there isn’t a sturdy underlying structure just below the skin.

What Can I Expect During My Recovery?

The length of your recovery depends on a few different variables, and that includes your age and overall health. In most cases, a relatively healthy patient will be able to return back to work and other routine activities after two weeks. For the first few days, you will be given prescription medication to minimize your discomfort and reduce your risk of post-op complications. During that time, you should have a loved one nearby who can keep you comfortable and help you with everyday tasks. Patients usually need to wait at least three weeks before they return to their exercise routines.

This operation can refresh your appearance and make you look years younger, but your face will continue to age as you grow older. The full results should last for at least a decade, but they could last longer if you protect your face from sun damage, avoid tobacco products, and try to remain as healthy as possible. When the results begin to fade away, you can contact your surgeon to explore additional treatment options.

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