Fitness with Pets: How to Keep Yourself and Your Pet in Shape

If you open the internet and search for effective ways to keep yourself fit, the chances are high that you will run into the advice to get a pet. It has been long proved to be one of the most pleasant and entertaining methods to make oneself move on, especially if you are a couch potato. When you get a pet, you become responsible for its life and health, and every pet owner knows that they will hardly do well without walks and playtime. So, even if you decide to adhere to your old behavior pattern, your pet will require your attention and force you to get active. Thus, you will have to bring your pet into your fitness routine one way or another. It is especially true for a dog owner since this species requires more physical activity than cats. To please the latter and keep its well-being at a decent level, it can be enough to read triumph cat food reviews and pick up the required diet. So, it is better to choose a dog as your fitness buddy, but make sure to consider its physique, abilities, and character when choosing the type of activity for both of you. If your four-legged friend has certain health peculiarities, it is better to start small, gradually increasing your activities’ duration and intensity.


Walking is always a good idea when it comes to physical activity and incorporating your pet into your fitness routine. While most dog owners allocate about forty minutes to walk their dogs daily, those who want to keep themselves in shape should choose longer treks. You can investigate your neighborhood or involve some nature walks if there is such a chance. Everybody knows about the beneficial properties of walking and spending time in the fresh air, so you should try to get the best out of it. The great news is that walking doesn’t require any special equipment except for a collar and leash, so you can take your pet for a walk whenever you can.


If you want to higher the complexity level, it is worth choosing hiking as a preferable activity when you have plenty of free time. You should just follow all the requirements and make sure your pet can meet this challenge. If you find yourself in some dangerous or crowded path, use a harness leash to ensure your dog’s safety. In general, it is worth studying reviews and looking through the pics of the chosen hiking route beforehand to make sure it suits both of you. The thing is that an old dog or one with short paws may find it difficult to withstand such an activity.


If you like jogging, but you have never done it with your pet, it is high time to fix it. Just make sure to start small and slowly, so your fitness buddy will get used to it. Thus, you will find out how quickly and for how long your dog is willing to go. When you decide to speed up, be sure your jogging companion feels comfortable and ready to keep up with you further. You can come across dogs that don’t mind running a marathon with their owners, but it is not a reason to force your pet to do the same right away. It should develop stamina first over a long period. The thing is that most breeds tire out faster than you may imagine.


You might have noticed that yoga is gaining momentum nowadays, and the number of people who decide to practice it grows with each year. Many people involve their pets in such an activity as well. When you get on the floor at a pet’s eye-level, you change the dynamic between you two. First, your furry friend may perceive it as a fun game, but it is likely to calm down and join you over time. Such a pastime may improve your connection and get a big portion of positive vibes. If you want to treat your little friend to something tasty and encourage it a bit, choose the best cheap puppy food.

Home exercises

If your training zone is free from heavy and potentially dangerous equipment, you can involve your pet in your working out. It is easy to encourage it to stay active with the help of interactive toys or an ordinary ball. You can turn usual pushups, jumping, or even burpees into fanny pastime. Besides, you can use your pet as an additional weight to make some exercises more complicated.

Play actively

Everything depends on the level of your activity when it comes to interacting with a pet. For example, if you don’t want to go for a walk but want to train your muscles somehow, involving your furry friend, you can proceed to fetch or try tug-of-war. Many dogs go crazy about such games and would be glad to compete. To make your playtime even more productive, you can go outside and use your backyard as a playground. Getting fresh air is always a great idea, so you will get the best out of your pastime. Besides, if you have enough space there, you can play hide and seek together with your pet. If your dog is well-trained, it will not be a big deal to tell it to sit while you will go to hide.

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