Three Cosmetic Procedures That You Might Benefit From


You deserve to be proud of your appearance, but achieving your cosmetic goals is going to be easier said than done. As your hormones continue to change and you grow older, you might find yourself dealing with any number of stubborn imperfections throughout your face and body. If you are ready to eradicate those issues once and for all, then you should consider undergoing plastic surgery in Dallas. With an experienced surgical team by your side, you will be able to quickly and safely minimize or completely erase localized pockets of fat, loose skin, and age-related facial blemishes.

A Look at Liposuction

Liposuction continues to be one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world, and it is the ideal option for localized pockets of fat that aren’t responding to dietary changes or exercise. Even though your body will eventually metabolize fat if you are burning more calories than you consume, that process is very difficult for some people. Liposuction is a highly-effective procedure that allows surgeons to physically remove specific pockets of fat from the body. It can often be completed in as little as two hours, and the results should last a lifetime as long as patients continue to maintain healthy lifestyle habits.

What to Know About Tummy Tucks

After losing weight, giving birth, or going through hormonal changes, you might be left with loose rolls of skin throughout the midsection. Some of that skin should begin to shrink over time, but there is no guarantee that your abdominal area will ever return back to normal. That is one of the reasons why tummy tucks have become very common in recent years. During a tummy tuck, Dr. Friedman can excise that excess skin, reposition the underlying muscles, and remove small pockets of soft tissue. Following the procedure, you are going to be left with a smooth and toned midsection that you can be proud of. Much like liposuction, the results of your tummy tuck could potentially last a lifetime with the proper aftercare.

The Basics of a Facelift

It is an unfortunate fact that almost everyone will have to deal with at least a few age-related imperfections over the years. Protecting your skin from airborne toxins and harsh UV rays might delay some of those issues, but you are sure to develop at least a few blemishes. Some of the most common facial imperfections include sunken cheeks, loose jowls, and wrinkles around the mouth and nose. If you have recently noticed any of those cosmetic issues, then you might be an ideal candidate for a facelift. That procedure can completely rejuvenate your appearance by getting rid of multiple age-related blemishes at once. Dr. Friendman can also combine it with other treatments and procedures to eradicate fine lines around the eyes, folds along the forehead, skin discoloration, and old acne scars.

Your Personalized Treatment Plan

Well before you undergo plastic surgery in Dallas, you will need to meet with your Dr. Friedman to come up with a personalized treatment plan. No two operations are exactly alike, and these procedures must be personalized in order to produce world-class results. During your first consultation, you can fully explain all of your cosmetic goals and give the surgeon a little more information about your medical history. With that information, your surgeon can determine if you will make a good candidate. As long as you are relatively healthy and have realistic expectations, then you will most likely make an excellent candidate.

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