Best Activities to do for Seniors


Aging older means retiring, which you’re no longer working, and now have time to do things that you’ve always wanted to do. But, as you age, body movement is limited. That doesn’t mean that you can’t do fun things anymore. You can still do things that are fun while improving the quality of your physical and mental health. Usually, seniors do their activities alone, resulting in isolation, which can affect their overall health. In this article, we have put up a list of fun and exciting activities for our elderly loved ones, for the improvement of their physical and mental well-being.

There are benefits of doing activities such as:

  • Minimize anxiety and depression
  • Exhibit a sense of independence
  • Feel accomplished
  • Have an emotional connection and self-expression

Now here is a list of fun activities for seniors:


Walking is one of the most beneficial activities. You can strengthen your body, get your heart pumping, and improve your mental health. By walking, you get your body moving by yourself or with a group, which is an easy way to keep yourself active. If the weather isn’t good, a good walk inside a department store or a nearby mall is ideal.

Exercise and Aerobic Classes

In addition to walking, if you’re an older adult who can still move quite a bit, you can participate in exercise groups and classes. Exercising is a way to strengthen your muscles, also having to eliminate boredom. When you’re having physical activities, a hormone called endorphin, also known as a happy hormone, makes you feel better when you’re doing such activities. Activities such as yoga classes, Zumba dances, can help to improve flexibility and balance. Physical activities like this can also boost your immune system to prevent diseases and illnesses. But, you need to consult a physician first before doing any physical activity to prevent any injuries.

If you find it difficult to go outside and go to exercise classes, you can have your children set up exercise videos via the television or computer. If you aren’t very mobile, there are routines such as chair yoga or seated exercises to keep your body moving.

Dancing and Karaoke

There are tons of benefits of dancing for older adults. Dancing is good for the heart and the joints, which reduces the risks of developing cardiovascular and bone diseases. It is also a socially engaging activity because dancing usually involves having a partner. Not only it is physically beneficial, but dancing also improves your mental alertness, with memorizing dance moves and steps, which can lower the risk of developing dementia, or Parkinson’s disease. But, a physician’s approval is needed before doing any type of physical activity. Singing can also keep you active because you still make a minimal movement which is also effective when doing physical activity.

Music Therapy

Music can always put anyone in a good mood. Music-centered activities can help with dementia or cognitive impairments. There are trained music therapists to entertain and give various forms of small-group cognitive stimulation. There are types of music that can trigger memories and establish a feeling of happiness. Seniors would be interested in attending live concerts or orchestra. They might also play an instrument that gives them nostalgia or even learns a new instrument. Music has always had its own bizarre way of therapy.

Book clubs

If you’re an older adult who likes reading books, book clubs may be ideal for you. Reading is a great way to spend time and keep the brain busy. It helps relieve stress, improve memory, and sleeping habits. Reading is a great way for you to immerse yourself in the stories. Book clubs can give seniors an opportunity to share their opinion and have a good topic about a certain book. Not only can book clubs help seniors get in touch with the world and improve mental alertness, but it gives them an intimate social relationship with other people through a book club.

Board games

Board games are an essential way to bond with your family or loved ones. Board games such as Bingo or Scrabble are the common board games that many seniors enjoy. Board games can stimulate mental health, enhance mood, and improve social relationships with family and loved ones.

Pet therapy

Who wouldn’t love rubbing a dog’s belly? If you’re an older adult who loves animals so much, then spending time with pets could be an engaging activity for you. Pets have a particular way of interacting with seniors. For example, walking your dog in the park can be good for your physical and mental health as it helps you keep active, and they treat their owner like their master. Spending time with animals may improve an elderly loved one’s mental and physical health.


If you’re an older adult who likes to get in touch with nature, gardening is an ideal activity for seniors. Planting and weeding help seniors to relax and unwind together with nature. Not only that, seniors get a sense of accomplishment, which is good for their mental health when the seed which they planted, grows into nutritious vegetables, or even beautiful flowers. Gardening also helps seniors to stay active and get exercise while digging the dirt and planting. Gardening clubs can also help wherein you can socialize with other people who also love digging in the dirt. Not only can you have social interaction, but you’ll only gain intimate friends.


Being retired doesn’t mean that you’re finished with your job here on earth. There are so many things you have to do. You can still have fun even when you’re already retired. You have so much time to spend with your family and loved ones because you don’t have to work anymore. Being involved in the activities mentioned above can improve your physical and mental health and improve your overall well-being for the rest of your life.


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