Men say that they’re “easy to figure out,” but there are a lot of things to consider when making sure they’re happy and fulfilled in a relationship. Sometimes it’s hard for guys to share their feelings, and when they do, the way they express themselves doesn’t really help women get to the bottom of things—after all, the man is supposed to be ‘tough.’

Let them be the hero, but make sure to tap into their sensitive side as well—even if it’s just a few small chisels at a time. If you’re already ultra-communicative with your partner, you can take it a step further by asking them what they desire. Tell them that you want to focus on their individual needs, and as a couple, get to the bottom of what makes both parties most happy all of the time.

Not ready for that? It’s okay to start small. When it comes to demystifying what men want, here are ten attributes to get you started:

A Friend

Starting with friendship is a great way to develop a long-lasting relationship that will stand the test of time. Many times love blossoms from unexpected places and one of them is friendship.

Someone to Confide In

Having someone who knows how you feel is really important to a sense of security in a relationship. Men, even when stoic, can use some strength from their partner, so feel confident in turning the tides, and be their rock when they need you.

A True Partner

Relationships are give and take, and both partners have to be in not 50% but 100% all of the time. Instead of looking at things based on gender roles, use your personal preferences and negotiations to make it work well.

A Fair Fighter

There are two ways to fight, for or against your partner. You’re either working towards a solution for the team or your working on accomplishing your own agenda. Keep to the issues and be mindful of what you say; it counts.

Someone Who’s Together

It’s hard to keep sane when a partner has energy that’s all over the place. The complexity of a woman’s emotions baffles most men; if it begins to overwhelm them, the relationship’s success rate is really low.

Someone Similar

You don’t have to be exactly the same, but having a solid foundation and sharing the same general morality, similar life goals and visions for the future are imperative for success in the long run.

And Different

It’s great to have similarities, but it’s important, too, to bring something different to the table than your partner does. It’s our differences that make life less boring and makes our partners more endearing.


All men may not act warm and fuzzy, but there is definitely a part of them that desires love and relationship intimacy—especially touch. Squeeze their hand, touch their face—just make them feel important and needed.

Someone Fun

Whether it’s sharing a great joke while just hanging out on the couch or making a meal together at the end of a long day, time spent isn’t always about quantity, it’s about quality. Make every moment count.

Talk to your partner sometimes about how they’re feeling in your union—what are they most satisfied with, and what do they believe you both could work on? Communication is key is ensuring a lasting, healthy relationship. When you let your partner understand you on a deeper level, you’re opening yourself up to a better existence that will give you greater joy than you could ever imagine.

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