11 Signs That Show You Are Not As Healthy As You Think

Sometimes health can behave strangely. We do our best to eat well, get enough sleep, and even exercise, but our bodies, being complex systems, sometimes challenge us. These problems can either be due to genetic issues or our bad habits. However, we will tell you signs that show that your health is out of order.

Signs Of Poor Health

There are many signs of poor health. And the question arises that what should you pay attention to and what actions to take? We will help you identify the significant signs of bad health. They are quite evident and require quick treatment.

1.      Bloating

Basically, this is the accumulation of gas in the digestive tract, and if such symptoms become chronic, then something is wrong. You should not simply sit and wait for it to recover; take some measurements to resolve the problem. It is such a health problem that it can affect you badly and hinder your daily routine.

In order to cure this problem, add ginger and chamomile tea to your diet, and eat more slowly. When you chew the food more, the chances of bloating reduce significantly. This is the reason most doctors advise to eating slowly.

2.      Chronic Fatigue

Typically, short-term fatigue indicates overwork, lack of sleep, and stress. On the other hand, chronic fatigue is an entirely different story. Analyze your lifestyle and sleep quality (be honest with yourself). Organize your day, sleep, and, of course, abstain from alcohol.

You don’t even realize how alcohol takes away all your energy, making you lethargic. You have to control this habit of drinking alcohol. However, if the problem has become severe and you are not able to do it yourself, contact a specialist. You should know when the right time for seeking alcoholism treatment is, or you will badly hurt your health.

3.      Insomnia

Sleep is vital to replenish the resources of the body and brain. We simply cannot function without adequate sleep – don’t even try. Insomnia is a serious condition, and if you have been unable to fall asleep and get quality sleep for a long time, then see your doctor. You don’t have to live with it. There is no shame in asking for help, especially when it is damaging your health.

4.      Smell From The Mouth

Bad breath can be due to food, tobacco, poor hygiene, dry mouth, medications, and other factors. However, if it does not disappear despite all the measures taken (thorough cleaning of the teeth and mouth), then again – you need to go to the doctor. Only he/she can check the work of internal organs and suggest a proper medication.

5.      Unhealthy Look Of Nails

The way our nails look can tell a lot about health. Nails are an extension of the skin and require a lot of nutrients to stay healthy. If they turn yellow or become brittle, then this is a sign of some kind of imbalance and disturbance.

Check your diet. Don’t forget about the water and check with a dermatologist for fungus. In any case, you should not ignore this signal of poor health.

6.      Decreased Libido

Low libido can be due to many things: lifestyle factors, relationship problems, emotional and physical distress can all reduce the desire to have sex. By the way, some medications can also negatively affect libido. Evaluate all of the above factors based on your medications and investigate any potential side effects.

7.      Irregular Bowel Movements

Stool regularity is very important to overall health. The rate varies from three times a day to three times a week. It depends on diet, physical condition, and stress. If you experience painful constipation, reconsider your diet and increase your water intake. Include plenty of fiber in your meals – about 30-38 grams per day for men and 21-25 grams for women.

8.      Hair Loss

Hair loss is a natural process that gets influenced by your genes and your lifestyle. They usually fall out gradually and in small amounts. Rapid and sudden hair loss should alert you and make you wonder why. In this case, it is best to consult a doctor. In most cases, hair fall is due to poor hygiene problems. However, it is better to consult a doctor for confirmation of the cause.

9.      Headaches

An occasional headache is usually nothing to fear. Everybody has it. The problem arises when these headaches become more severe or frequent. If they are accompanied by other symptoms, you should be wary. Drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, and check the health of your eyes and blood vessels. You should never ignore such neurological signals.

However, if you are taking medication for stronger muscles and body mass such as Winstrol, its side-effect can also lead to chronic headaches. In such a situation, visit your doctor and ask for a change in medication.

10.  Muscle Cramps

Lack of nutrients and overuse of muscles are the most common causes of cramping. Cramps can also occur as a result of a sedentary lifestyle and insufficient blood supply. Again, increase your water intake, check your diet, and exercise more. If you experience severe discomfort, swelling, or redness of your skin, see your doctor.

11.  Sharp Fluctuations In Weight

For most of us, with age, weight can fluctuate within a couple of kilograms. This is a natural result of slowing down the metabolism. However, excessive weight gain or sudden weight loss can be a sign of health problems. You don’t need to think long or, even worse, invent your own diets. You need a doctor’s verdict here.

Wrapping Up

Our body sends us several signals that tell us about its condition. If you are facing most of the conditions mentioned in this article, it indicates you do not have good health. It is better to visit a doctor as soon as possible and seek an expert’s advice.

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