About Low Lunge Pose

The low lunge yoga pose is excellent for athletes, especially runners. This posture is especially effective in treating lower body soreness and enhancing your body’s sense of balance. It may seem like a simple yoga pose, but in actuality, there is more to the low lunge pose than meets the eye.

So retreat to your peaceful yoga spot, banish all those anxious thoughts from your mind and turn your undivided attention to this asana.

Step By Step Instructions

Roll out your yoga mat and follow the guidelines for performing this posture!

  1. Position yourself in the downward dog pose asana. Now, step your right food in between your hands.
  2. Hold the right foot in place as you lower your left knee to the yoga mat. Slide it backwards until you feel a stretch in your left thigh. Now turn the top of your left foot towards the mat.
  3. Hold your upper body in an upright, straight position. Now extend your arms outwards and stretch them over your head.
  4. Keep your posture straight and avoid slouching by making use of your core muscles.
  5. Maintain the low lunge yoga pose for about a minute and practice deep breathing during the entire process.
  6. Once you exit the posture, repeat it starting with your left foot this time.

Low Lunge Pose Health Benefits

The low lunge pose has a plethora of health benefits which keep you fit and in shape!

  1. Builds and enhances your mental concentration.
  2. This pose is a great stress reliever. It releases the tension stored in the hip region of your body.
  3. Stretches your hamstrings, quads and other muscles in the body.
  4. It strengthens your core and gives you a stronger sense of balance.
  5. A great pose for enhancing knee strength.

Things To Remember

As a beginner you may find it challenging to balance your body in this posture. Practice the low lunge yoga pose against a wall for added support. If you suffer from serious health problems, injuries or chronic pain consult your health practitioner before trying the low lunge pose


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