Tips To Make Your Guy Feel Special


Most of the time, we think about a gentleman wooing a lady, not necessarily the other way around. Let’s put it this way, you’re not necessarily going to go out and pick a ‘just-because’ gift for your guy, right? The pressure is always on when it comes to men assuring that their ladies feel loved. Don’t let the men down by not sharing something special with them, too.

Everyone is worthy of love and affection; being celebrated for what makes each person special and wonderful. It’s important to be mindful of what noble characteristics our significant other possesses: is he an engaging and active partner, a good listener, or an excellent provider? Keep that knowledge in your mind and heart—find ways to share it in your actions.

The gift of loving and being loved in return is special. It’s hard to find that one person in the world that just fits us as we are, that ‘one’ we just can’t seem to live without; the one who we should show more that we care. It’s easier than you may think though; you can let them know how much you love them without a lot of time and effort. Here are six tips to make sure he knows he’s loved right now:

Keep in Good Working Order

Happiness starts on the inside. If our lives are in chaos for whatever reason, it will surely be projected somewhere—like within us, causing anxiety, fear, and stress, which seep to the outside. Make sure to take ‘me-time’ and be proud and confident in yourself to instantly improve your relationship.

Purchase Something You Never Buy for Him

Tip of Gift

That video game (come on, you know the one) that drives you up the wall or the food you never prepare for a variety of purely personal reasons. Putting their happiness above our own, even for a small gesture, can surely be satisfying to a male partner.

Take Care of Something on Your Own

It’s comforting to know that a guy is around for the bug-squashing, rodent run-ins, and all other real-life creepy crawly and scary scenarios that can happen all the time. Resist the urge; stand up for your strength and cut him a break—kill that big bug on your own! You’ve got this.

Make Him a Deal

Tip of Deal

Show him your love by proposing a few ‘you-pick’ scenarios for him to choose from, like a week off laundry duty if it’s his least favorite chore, treating him to dinner, or you preparing him nutritious work lunches for the week. Small things can make for a big difference; anything made or done with love is a winner.

Be Open

Sharing real, honest feelings can be one of the greatest gifts that you can give another person. Whether it’s lending an ear when they need it, or really getting into the emotions of it all with your partner, be fully present with them—make sure they know you’re always on their team.

Look to the Future

It’s important to live in the here-and-now, but a personal commitment to love and building long-term relationship stability need to be a part of every day. It’s easier to build a path as you’re laying the bricks, instead of taking the journey before you’ve identified the best route.

It really doesn’t take a lot of time to say thank you without saying it. Let the man in your life know that you care, and see how your relationship grows. Many times, we think we’re grateful, but our actions and sentiments fall short of how deeply we’re really touched; express how you feel with a simple, heart-warming gesture. Don’t fool yourself by believing men don’t need a little TLC too—they definitely do—so show him a little love.


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